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Zehnder Heat Recovery

A-rated, healthy homes meeting passive house standards become a reality.

Versatile supply the ideal comprehensive, energy efficient indoor climate solution in Zehnder heat recovery products. Zehnder ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery units offer an outstanding and world class 96% heat recovery efficiency and SFP as low as 0.53 (Q450 model) as a result of a design that maximises heat transfer and helps overcome air resistance. A constant supply of fresh air in the indoor spaces in which we spend more than 70 percent of our time is vital for our health, Zehnder’s Comfosystems create comfortable indoor ventilation with heat recovery for all residential buildings whether a new build or renovation project.  

Heating, Cooling and Clean Air Solutions for large populated spaces.

Where commercial buildings and indoor spaces populate large numbers of people, a comfortable indoor climate is essential for each individual’s health and performance.  Zehnder’s comfort ventilation ensures an even exchange of used and fresh air to create a comfortable indoor space.

Whole house ventilation with heat recovery, Versatile have a unit for all property sizes. These ventilation units control the systems air intake and extract.
Unbeatable Heat Recovery Efficiency at 96%. The new Zehnder ComfoAir Q range helps provide the best and most efficient heat recovery performance while offering a simple and easy process through design, installation and commissioning processes.