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Greenwood Ventilation

Versatile supply Greenwood ventilation products, superior in the design, manufacture and specification of SMART ventilation systems for the new build and refurbishment of residential market.

Greenwood offers a full ventilation mix

  • Greenwood’s traditional and classic intermittent extractor fans for bathrooms and kitchens – come in an array of silent fans, discreet fans and decorative fans.
  • Whole house ventilation with heat recovery, with highly accredited PassiveHaus certification
  • Innovative semi-rigid ducting systems
  • An entire passive ventilation offering for windows including Slotvents
  • Over-frame vents in various colours and sizes.
  • Also specialise in acoustic products for new developments with external noise issues.

Greenwood SMART Technology

  • Greenwood CommissionSMART

    Provides controls that allow accurate and easy set up and commissioning.
    –  innovative touch pads
    –  wireless connectivity
    –  set up wizard.
    Patented Technology that supports the installer on site.

  •  Greenwood TimerSMART

    Designed to automatically  adjust the running time of the fan depending on room occupancy time rather than a preset period.
    –  Optimises energy usage
    –  Eliminates nuisance night time running.
    –  Non Adjustable

  • Greenwood HumidiSMART

    Continuously monitor the home looking for rapid man-made spikes before making a decision to boost and is unaffected by distance and dilution
    –  Eliminates nuisance running and unnecessary  heat loss.
    –  Not affected by changing levels of background ventilation.
    –  Non Adjustable.

  • Greenwood SummerSMART

    Ensures comfort during summer months by by-passing the heat recovery mode.
    –  True Summer By Pass
    –  Continues to filter incoming air to the home.

  • Greenwood CarbonSMART

    Ultra Efficient Ventilation
    Designed to use the latest in efficient motor technology to reduce energy consumption and ensure low running costs for end users usually

Ventilation Fresh Intelligence Ideal for low profile application where space is at a premium, Vireo HR 155CM is loaded with Greenwood SMART technology ensuring installer happiness and long term performance and reliability.
Ideal for small houses and apartments up to 110m2. This ventilation unit has been designed to fit into a kitchen cupboard for easy access and installation.
Ideal ventilation for small to medium homes. Vireo HR185WM is loaded with Greenwood SMART technology ensuring installer happiness and long term performance and reliability.